Millions of years ago, near the coast of Africa from the Atlantic depths dislocated sharp cliffs and mountains that formed the Canary Islands. One of them – Tenerife. Exotic scenery of the island is filled with black volcanic sand beaches and shorelines that developed with a most beautiful tan. Romance seekers can enjoy the sunset, walk the streets of the historic towns, bars and a clubs lovers will also find much to do.

Tenerife – the largest island of the Canary archipelago with a population of over 900 000 people. The island’s capital is Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Soft and warm climate throughout the year attract holidaymakers to the island from all over the world.

In the language of the first inhabitants of the island, Tenerife means “snow-capped mountains’’. This is the main object of the island – Teide. This volcano is not just Spain’s highest peak but also the highest mountain in the Atlantic Ocean. Teide divides the island into two climate zones – wet with abundant vegetation in the north and the sunny and dry in the southwest. In the southern part of the island warmer, so here are located the major resorts where tourists can take advantage of all the benefits of the island: a unique volcanic landscape, water and land sports, unusual volcanic sand beaches.

Tenerife is famous for its carnival, which is usually held in February and lasts until mid-March. This is the most popular festival in the Canary Islands. During the festival, the island’s streets and squares of cities wear a festive trappings, which does not leave behind any of the participants.

And for extreme sports lovers there is a real paradise… water sports, paragliding, scuba diving, fishing, water parks, rock climbing, hiking and even power a variety of entertainment.

Tenerife – an ideal place for lovers of golf. Mild climate of Tenerife from all over the world for this sport attracts both beginners  and professional. Golf  courses you will find in both sides, southern and northern parts of the island. Each year, held in Tenerife important international tournaments.

One of the most popular activities in the Canary Islands – windsurfing, here called “funboard”. The best conditions for windsurfers created in the south of Tenerife, El Medano town. There is also a windsurfing school. In this small fishing village gather windsurfing enthusiasts from all over the world.

Without having to worry where to find all these facilities – we are here. To Tenerife – only with us.