About us

Martynas Mikelėnas

After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management at the University of Nottingham in the UK, he has chosen to live in one of the Canary Islands – Tenerife. Together with his partners he found and started a holiday organization and property trading projects named Kanareles.com and Yolo. estate.

Martynas helps to find the best property offers for those who want to invest in Tenerife. Responsibility, honesty, and persistence are the key qualities that Martynas has and which enable him to properly represent the interests of his clients.

“Tenerife is simply the perfect place to travel, live in, and invest. Here we have unique natural conditions to enjoy one of the best climates in the world, engage in all sports and contribute to the development of one of the most promising real estate markets in Europe. Tenerife has become our lifestyle.”

Urtė Mikelėnė

Urtė Mikelėnė

After graduating in Psychology from Vytautas Magnus University, she moved to Tenerife together with her husband. Thanks to family support and sincere work, together with partners the developed projects of Kanareles.com and Yolo. estate continue successfully evolve and expand its activities.

Consistently, in detail, and with a smile she tells about the places one should visit in Tenerife, shares her experiences, and listens carefully to her guests’ needs. Urtė wants everyone to experience an unforgettable holiday in Tenerife and seeks that everyone, who falls in love with this island, could find his/her second home here.

“Everyone who comes to visit Tenerife deserves to truly experience it. Tenerife is a wonderful island, which amazes us with its climate diversity, vegetation, mountains, the ocean and gives everyone the opportunity to celebrate their birthday in the summerlike weather.”

Romas Paura | Office Manager | Real Estate Agent

After completing his studies in the German language, he worked in Lithuania in the telecommunication, transport, and construction sectors. Shortly after starting a family, he found out that the best climate in Europe all year-round is in Tenerife. As Romas moved in here to live, he can assure you that Tenerife is a great island not only for vacation but also for living, especially for families with children.

Romas helps people to find and buy their dream properties. He is an honest and reliable consultant and seller.

“Everyone, who is looking for a different rhythm of life, the friendly international community, and pleasant weather all the year-round, must-visit Tenerife. If you fall in love with this island, it is worth not only coming back here for holiday but also staying here for longer. It is a wonderful place to live in!

Domantas Kavaliauskas

Domantas Kavaliauskas | Rental Department Manager

After graduating in Physical Therapy and continuing his studies in Health Policy and Management, he started working in the customer service field and remained faithful to it till now. Domantas has been working in one of the largest telecommunication companies in Lithuania as a customer service specialist, at Vilnius International Airport and also as a flight attendant. Due to work and traineeships, Domantas has lived in various countries. Before joining Kanarelės team, he was working in the tourism field in Tenerife.

Domantas takes care of everyone, who is willing to visit Tenerife. He helps to find and choose your holiday home, to rent a car, and choose the best entertainment. He is taking care of all our guests and helps them to make a detailed holiday plan with places to visit, shows, parks, and other activities. He buys you tickets to any place or shows you may desire and provides you with all the necessary information.

“Tenerife is a perfect place to live and to spend your holidays. The landscape of this island is truly unique. Tenerife is an island of ​​spectacular nature, where one can enjoy countless sunny days and water activities. Tenerife is a great place for those, who are looking for relaxation, water activities and other entertainments or just piece.”