We are here to offer a high quality service

YOLO.estate loves working with people and we take pride in matching people with homes in Tenerife. Buying home is an exciting experience for everyone (including us). 

Our team consists of people with a variety of backgrounds - this gives us a wide perspective on the real estate market and allows us to offer a versatile service. Being an intermediary is much more than just matching a buyer with a seller. We are here to represent your interests. Our work ethics and dedication makes us a perfect partner for you.

A perfect place for your next property

It does not matter if it is your first property or one of many, what matters is the reasons why you should choose Tenerife.

People admire and love Tenerife. It is an island with the best climate in the European Union - it is not too hot in summers and it is warm during winters (average temperature of 19° in winter and 25° in summer). Tenerife has the highest peak in Spain (Mount Teide - 3718 m.) and not only it looks spectacular, it also creates a variety of micro-climates on the island. The north is green and fertile whilst the south is dry and hot, in the mountains you will find waterfalls and during winter months there will be snow on top of Mt. Teide. Above all, you can always catch the sun on the beach - all year long.

Mountains, beaches, valleys and cliffs make Tenerife an amazing destination for active lifestyle. Sunbathing, swimming, hiking, paragliding, trail running, climbing, surfing and many other activities - Tenerife has something for everybody.

And there is food. The most fresh and amazing food one can find - mangoes, papayas, best selection of fresh and cured meats, lovely seasonal vegetables and fresh spices growing everywhere. It is tasty to spend time here.

No matter if it is a cozy apartment, spectacular villa or an entirely new development - Tenerife is the best place to have it.