Real estate agent

Martynas Mikelėnas

After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management at the University of Nottingham in the UK, he has chosen to live in one of the Canary Islands – Tenerife. Together with his partners he found and started a holiday organization and property trading projects named Kanareles.com and Yolo. estate.…

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Real estate agent Office Manager

Romas Paura

After completing his studies in the German language, he worked in Lithuania in the telecommunication, transport, and construction sectors. Shortly after starting a family, he found out that the best climate in Europe all year-round is in Tenerife. As Romas moved in here to live, he can assure you that…

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Rental Department Manager

Domantas Kavaliauskas

After graduating in Physical Therapy and continuing his studies in Health Policy and Management, he started working in the customer service field and remained faithful to it till now. Domantas has been working in one of the largest telecommunication companies in Lithuania as a customer service specialist, at Vilnius International…

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